When disaster strikes your Lakewood home or place of business, it can seem overwhelming to put all the pieces back together again and move on with your life and work. The damages caused by water, fire and biological contamination are difficult to mitigate and more often than not, require professional assistance to remedy. At Lakewood Water Damage, we’re here to help you reclaim the safe and clean environment that you remember with a dedicated team of restoration professionals.

With 20+ years of experience in the greater Denver metro area, Lakewood Water Damage and its team of water, fire and mold remediation crews have the skills and experience to quickly control your calamity, mitigate further damages and then restore your property to a state even better than it was before the incident. We’ll help you navigate the mountain of insurance claim paperwork and work with your insurance company to minimize the cost to you.

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Water Damage

            Whether it’s a slow leak or a steady surge of unwanted water, the quicker you call a Lakewood Water Damage water damage response team to your Lakewood home or business, the easier and less costly it will be to complete successful repairs for you. When the floodgates open, trust Lakewood Water Damage to close them and to have things Fresh, Fast.

  • Sewer backflow
  • Septic backup
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Flooding
  • Roof leaks and ceiling restoration
  • Toilet overflows
  • Condensation damage

Mold Damage

            The silent enemy of climate controlled homes or business with slow leaks and unknown sources of humidity, mold is a difficult force to control without professional help. Let our Lakewood Water Damage team of dedicated mold removal experts not only eliminate your mold contamination but completely restore effected surfaces and prevent future outbreaks.

  • Detailed inspection and mold detection techniques
  • State of the art removal systems
  • Sterilization of effected areas
  • Deodorization of property
  • Prevention of future mold outbreaks

Fire Damage

Even after the flames are extinguished and the smoldering ashes have been quenched, the dangers of a Lakewood house or commercial business fire are still present. Lakewood Water Damage fire damage restoration specialists will remove all signs of fire, inspect critical aspects of the structure and investigate damages that may be present below floorboards or behind walls. Trust Lakewood Water Damage to turn your loss into a renovated asset with our tried and true fire damage restoration protocol.

  • Thorough inspection of damages
  • Log of damaged items for insurance claim
  • Protection of undamaged surfaces and belongings
  • Immediate boarding up of property
  • Restoration of damaged walls, ceilings, flooring
  • Inventory of restorable and replaceable belongings
  • Restoration of discolored appliances and burnt areas
  • Deodorization of smoke
  • Soot/Ash Removal
  • Ozonation

No matter how devastating the damage may seem, our Lakewood Water Damage professionals have seen worse and we’re here to help you get your life back to normal. Whether it’s Lakewood water damage, fire or mold, we can help you recover your assets and make things Fresh, Fast.

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